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Probably the best domain, ever.
July 2016 – November 2017

Durning my growth at Art.com I worked primarily for Art.com’s laid-back/free spirt sister brand, AllPosters.com. This was where I truly learned how to work and communicate with stake holders and web developers to get people to buy what we’re selling. I designed cool assets, from social media posts to website heroes. But if that’s not enough, here’s a whole list: emails, website banners, Instagram / Facebook / Twitter / Pinterest marketing assets, the design system, corporate flyers, I even conducted in-house product photoshoots.

Fun fact: during my time, I designed and localized over 150 emails for 10+ domains. That’s over 1,500+ Sketch and .PSD assets!
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Here are some emails that you actually clicked
Here are some emails that you actually clicked
Engaging social media advertisements
Engaging social media advertisements

Back to School 2017

Backpacks? Lunchboxes? Posters!?

During the summer of 2017, the team was asked to design a Back to School campaign to drive sales targeting 12-18 year old children and 25-65 year old parents and teachers. This was an exciting campaign to be a part of because we got to play with some quirky doodles and fun patterns. It was like being right back in the classroom drawing on the desk!

BTS 2017 Look & Feel
Heros and emails promoting the BTS sale

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