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Financial health for healthcare professionals.

SoFi recognizes the unique financial needs of healthcare professionals, including doctors and dentists. With a deep understanding of their specific circumstances, SoFi is well-equipped to provide tailored solutions. These dedicated individuals have devoted their lives to helping others but often lack the time, energy, and financial education to focus on their own well-being. They rely on recommendations from peers, advisors, and loved ones rather than conducting extensive research themselves.

For this project, the aim was to create a Multi-Product Landing Page (MPLP) exclusively designed for healthcare professionals. This page will serve as a vital entry point for healthcare professionals to discover how SoFi can help them achieve financial stability and success. Going beyond student loan refinancing, SoFi aims to offer a comprehensive range of services and products to support the unique financial journey of healthcare professionals.

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New modules and custom components
New modules and custom components

User Testing

I developed two versions of the MPLP page for testing, focusing on key metrics such as overall structure, design, user comprehension, ease of navigation through the drop-down menu, and understanding of the concierge offering. Our target audience for the test included individuals over 18 years old, with an income above $25,000, a FICO score above 600, at least $5,000 in student loans (federal or private), and working as healthcare professionals in any field.

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