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I helped SoFi help you Get Your Money Right®.
March 2020 – Present

While at SoFi I designed landing pages, LCM, social and various other marketing assets. I also worked with the brand team to help develop and evolve SoFi's Brandscape (design system and patterns). I worked primarily on the Money, Invest, and Credit Card product PODs, where I collaborated directly with one art director and one copywriter to produce quarterly campaigns to promote various products. In between that, I work on smaller marketing activations like email campaigns and promotional web module designs. I also spent six months on the social media team to elevate our social presence and drive CTR though relevant content and "thumb-stopping" visuals. Unofficially, I am also recognized as one of SoFi's in-house illustrator. From t-shirts, Instagram Story GIFs and even a 30-day campaign where each day had its own illustration.. I drew a good amount! Here are a few projects I worked on:

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A good ol' collage of various marketing assets
A good ol' collage of various marketing assets
Organic "thumb stopping" posts
Organic "thumb stopping" posts
IG GIFs for your your enjoyment
IG GIFs for your your enjoyment
Emails, display ads, landing pages, oh my!
Emails, display ads, landing pages, oh my!

Student Loan Refinance

Product Page Redesign

The ask:

During the first quarter of 2022, I was tasked with a redesign of SoFi's second most viewed page: the Student Loan Refinance product page in order to give their multiple audiences a clear understanding of what student loan refinancing is, how it works, why it’s for them, and how to get started.

The challenge:

Student loan borrowers are often unfamiliar with refinancing and concerned about fees and hassle. Without a clear understanding of why refinancing is good for them, they don’t often consider it as an option. We need to help student loan borrowers overcome their inertia and start a quick and easy student loan refi application.

“Is the value I’m going to get out of this worth the time and hassle I’m going to put into it?”

The process:

I started with wireframes, reimagined components and interactive modules. We then submitted them for user testing, comparing them to the current (the old version of the page at that time). From the learning, I adapted and evolved the hierarchy of the new page. Towards the end of of this project, SoFi's brand team delivered a fresh set of brand images that were to be implemented into this new product page design. After all SoFi's marketing strategies were made, this page was handed off to the web development team were an intensive Q/A process was executed.

The outcome:

After A/B user testing the new design to the "current" the results found that... TBD as this is still in progress. This new page will be live by the end of Q2 2022.

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The desktop experience from wireframe to high fidelity mockup
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Mobile and desktop components of the redesign
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Old vs new

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